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Benefits of using the TPO single ply roofing system

January 7th, 2015


Benefits of using the TPO single ply roofing system


  1. Protection board or Densdeck provides the extra protection between the wood substrate and any loose fasteners or nail back outs that may occur during the life of the roofing system.  This condition occurs often on wood decks, which is typical of the Northwest.
  2. Low impact to the tenants with regard to smoke and odor.  Hot asphalt kettles and tankers emit a great deal of smoke and odor.  The proposed TPO system uses no kettles or tankers.  Most of the equipment is located on the roof during reroofing, with the exception of the dumpster or dump truck required to accommodate the removal of the existing roof, which will be required for both roofing systems.
  3. TPO membranes do not exclude ponding water from the warranty and is not affected by such conditions.  BUR (built up hot asphalt roofing) excludes ponding, breaks down and can support vegetation including moss and fungus.
  4. TPO membranes do not require the ongoing resealing of penetrations, walls and curb base flashings associated with BUR’s.  The annual cleaning is required of both.
  5. TPO membranes turn up and over the top of the exterior walls to complete a watertight long-term seal prior to the installation of the sheet metal cap.  Note:  The membrane warranty does carry to the outside of the wall where the membrane stops.  BUR systems rely on sheet metal flashing alone and stop just above the deck line typically 8”-12”. 
  6.  TPO membranes have a solid white surface with one of the highest reflectivity ratings in the industry reducing solar heat gain and reducing cooling costs.  TPO is ENERGY STAR rated and meets the higher standard for California’s Title 24.
  7. TPO membranes are mold resistant, impact resistant, wind resistant, fire and traffic resistant.
  8. Clad Metal (factory membrane laminated sheet metal) provides long term watertight details at critical locations such as pitch pans, gutter drip edge and gravel stop flashings and through wall scuppers.  Please note:  these items then become warranted and integrated as part of the entire system.
  9. Toxic Leachate Test: Carlisle’s Sure-Weld TPO Roofing System has been tested, and passed the United States Environmental Protection Agency testing procedure titled Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) as defined under 40 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Part 136 for EPA method 1311.  This is stated in the Carlisle 2007 Sure-Weld TPO Code Approval Guide on page 32.  This test is intended to protect below-grade water aquifers (drinking water) from rooftop water contamination.  Ground water contamination occurs when water traveling over the roofing membrane picks up oil residues and/or other contaminants inherent to certain types of roofing systems, and are then carried into the drainage systems and ultimately into below-grade aquifers.  The Sure-Weld TPO membrane is one of the few membranes on the market today that passes this test.
  10. ENERGY STAR:  Sure-Weld White TPO Membranes exceed the requirements for the United States Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star Program for reflective roofing materials.
  11. Manufacturing of Membrane:  The process of calendering or extrusion alone does not determine product quality.  Carlisle has used calendering and extrusion for decades in the manufacturing of EPDM.  Reinforced TPO production however, utilizes a state-of-the-art (SOTA) twin-screw extrusion technology.  Carlisle's Senatobia, Mississippi and Tooele, Utah production facilities have four SOTA extruder lines with capability up to 12-foot widths.

    Each line has two extruders, one for the top ply and one for the bottom ply.  The top and bottom ply sheet encapsulate (cover) the polyester fabric in the "melt state" for superior strike through and fabric yarn coverage.  This produces a tightly compacted high quality membrane product, which is clearly visible under the microscope.
  12. Membrane Sheet Widths:  Carlisle manufactures the TPO membrane in various widths of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 feet.  The different widths are used in various wind zones in accordance with building height and deck type.  This allows for the roofing system to be “customized” meeting specific requirements for any given project.  The design criteria for those various building conditions are outlined in the Carlisle published specifications.
  13. Accelerated Weather Testing:  Laboratory aging and weathering tests are designed to accelerate the effects of normal real-time weathering without causing changes to a membrane that would not occur during outdoor weathering. These tests include heat aging, ozone exposure, water immersion, and artificial ultraviolet (UV) weathering.  Performance properties are determined before and after the aging / weathering exposure. If all of the performance properties remain at the original level (or even improve), then it is highly probable that the membrane will perform as designed.  The equipment of choice for accelerating "weathering" (combined affect of heat, water spray, humidity, ozone and UV and IR radiation) is the xenon-arc weatherometer.  The xenon-arc is specified in ASTM material standards for EPDM (D 4637), PVC (D4434), and TPO (G155) roofing membranes.  After exposure to accelerated weather testing, the membrane specimens are removed and inspected immediately for cracks and crazing under 10X magnification while wrapped around a 3 in. (7.6 cm) diameter mandrel.  Specimens are removed and inspected after each 630 kJ/m2 period of exposure.  Carlisle’s minimum requirement is NC (no cracks) after 17,640 kJ/m2 at 340 nm total radiant exposure. Sure-Weld TPO xenon-arc testing normally is performed until 20,160 kJ/m2 at which point no cracks are observed.  Real time outdoor weathering on Sure-Weld is performed at Atlas Weathering Service's site north of Phoenix, AZ and west of Miami, FL.
  14. Fire Retardant Technologies:  Currently, Sure-Weld Standard, GSD, and GS membrane products use the non-halogenated flame retardant technology with NO chlorine or bromine.  These non-hal membranes provide excellent weathering resistance and are environmentally friendly.  Carlisle is one of few membrane manufacturers that can achieve U.L. Class A Fire Ratings on unlimited slopes, such as can be found on steep barrel roofs.     


*Carlisle Syntec Systems contributed content used in this document

Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal is a Perfection 10 Carlisle Installer


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Welcome Long Beach Roofing!

October 29th, 2014

Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal acquires

Long Beach Roofing

California’s Long Beach Roofing first opened doors in 1937


TUALATIN, OR – (Oct. 30, 2014) – Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal (CR&SM), a leading Oregon commercial roofing company, is pleased to announce the acquisition Long Beach Roofing, Inc., a 77-year-old commercial roofing company.


Long Beach Roofing has operated from its southern California location for 50 years and it has 11 employees.  For about two decades Long Beach Roofing has been owned by Conrad Banks, whom CR&SM President Mark Carpenter said he has known for about 10 years. 


Columbia Roofing’s President Mark Carpenter said the timing was perfect for the purchase.


“It’s a great market and our business methods are complementary,” Carpenter said.  “Both businesses are unique in the way each builds relationships and in the value proposition given to customers.  We’re not trying to be the lowest bid, but the best bid for the customer.”


Long Beach Roofing specializes in residential and commercial buildings.  It also has extensive knowledge in fiberglass shingles, wood shakes, tile, modified bitumen, built up roofing and single ply roofs.


About Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal:

Since 1996, Columbia Construction Services, Inc., d.b.a. Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal, has operated as a specialty contractor with 55 full-time employees.  Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal focuses its services on commercial roofing, roof maintenance (Columbia Roof Advantage), sheet metal fabrication and installation, steep slope roofing, seismic upgrades and installation, and safety product installation.  Safety is one of the company’s core values and it follows strict safety policies in accordance with OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Division).  Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal, for two consecutive years, has earned an industry honor: Carlisle SynTec Systems’ Perfection Award.  It operates in the states of Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho.  Please visit www.reroofnow.com or call (503) 684-9123, OR; or (253) 236-7474, WA; for more information or follow us at:  www.facebook.com/Columbia.Roofing.and.Sheet.Metal.


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Western Seminary

June 27th, 2012

In March this year we completed a job on a part of Portland’s History. We wanted to share with you some details about Armstrong Hall at Western Seminary. This facility has a long line of history that dates back to the start of Portland in 1892.

We started the process in late winter and due to the weather it became a challenge to keep everything watertight. We were able to complete the job in March, 2012. Our crew replaced the old built up roof with pvc membrane and the deck was done in Duradek walk surface.

Please take a few minutes to read the story below and if you want to know more about the project you can email us for the full history of Mt tabor and the mansion.

Visit our Facebook page to view all of the photos

Before After
Before After
Before After



  • First began to be settled in 1842, with only one settler on the East side in 1844.
  • Reverend Clinton Kelly, a circuit riding Methodist preacher, settled on the East side of the river in 1848, purchasing a land claim for $50.00 Southwest of Mt. Tabor. 

Mt. Tabor:

  • In 1853 Reverend Clinton Kelly’s son, Plympton, was reading a book about Napoleon and his Marshalls and was impressed by the battle fought near the base of Mt. Tabor in Palestine. His enthusiasm for the name, coupled with the fact that Mt. Tabor has traditionally been held to be the site of Christ’s transfiguration, impressed Plympton and the ten local Methodist families sufficiently to choose the name Mt. Tabor over the name Mt. Zion, proposed by his father, Clinton.
  • By 1855 all the land on Mt. Tabor had been claimed by early settlers through eight donation land claims.



Dr. Perry Prettyman:

  • An itinerant naturopathic doctor, and acquaintance of Rev. Clinton Kelly, staked out a land claim in 1849 and homesteaded on Mt. Tabor. Prettyman was a naturopath who had studied at the Botanic Medical School in Baltimore, and introduced the dandelion to Portland, imported from Missouri to be studied for potential medicinal purposes.
  • Prettyman was a leader in the growing community and helped organize the first Multnomah County Agricultural Society.
  • In 1860 Perry Prettyman’s land was the most valuable property on Mt. Tabor. He told his sons “I shall live to see the land worth $100 an acre; you will live to see it worth more.” Before his death in 1872, Prettyman’s land value was greater than $300 an acre.
  • Later, the property, owned by Prettyman’s son, became an inn and stage stop primarily for soldiers travelling between Vancouver Barracks and Oregon City.

Philip Buehner:

  • The inn was bought by Philip Buehner in the 1890s.
  • It was rumored that Buehner once hosted Ulysses S. Grant in the old inn.
  • Buehner remodeled the inn with lumber shipped around Cape Horn. Upon the completion of the home, the lumber was discovered to be riddled with termites and the home had to be burned to the ground and rebuilt into the current mansion.
  • After the incident with the termite-riddled lumber, Buehner started the Western Lumber Co., the first of his many lumber businesses.
  • Buehner retired from the lumber business in 1927, but remained as head of Buehner Investment Co., and retained interests in lumber holdings around the state.
  • He was a real estate developer of Mt. Tabor properties such as the George Eastman, nine-room New England Colonial on 56th and Salmon, built for $8,500.
  • Buehner, a mechanical engineer by training, co-founded Wolff, Zwicker and Buehner iron works, which was started in order to build the first Bull Run pipeline to bring water to Mt. Tabor/Portland.

 Western Seminary:Inside

  • Western began in the basement of local Eastside Baptist (Hinson Baptist) Church in 1927. Five years after Philip Buehner’s death in 1940, and because of his enjoyment in  hearing Dr. Walter B. Hinson’s sermons preached over the radio, his family contacted Hinson Church to see if they wanted to purchase the mansion. They referred the family to Western Seminary, who purchased the 4.5 acres and 3 buildings for $30,000. And the rest, (like the first part) is history.
  • The mansion was listed on the National Registery of Historic Places in October of 1980, and also has a Giant Sequoia tree registered as a local Heritage Tree (# 165) due to its age and its history.











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It's Not Too Late!

May 7th, 2012

The Columbia Roof Advantage!

Now that spring has fully sprung it is an ideal time of year to make sure your roof top is in tip-top shape.

With the burst of spring flowers in our beautiful Pacific Northwest region comes some of our heaviest showers.  It’s a good idea to check the condition of your roof as well as the surrounding areas before a leak or other more major problems develop.

We here at Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal recommend checking your roof specifically for debris in the drains, missing sheet metal, loose HVAC equipment and other components on your flat roof.  The winter has been harsh.  Do you know whether or not your roof is ready to take on the summer heat and showers that cause thermal shock?

Common problem areas are around any roof top equipment.  Other areas that the Columbia Roof Advantage covers are skylights, smoke hatches, and deterioration of the roof that can easily be fixed before damage occurs to your building.

It’s always more cost effective to be proactive versus reactive, so we believe in being diligent with roof maintenance. 

While examining your roof conditions, we will provide a photo record of the conditions and offer estimates for recommended repairs and upgrades.  This is ROI, Roof Owners Interface, which allows you to make important financial decisions about your roof. 

Please give us a call so our team of professionals may help you extend the life of your roof!  In the end, we are working together to protect one of our most precious assets.  The cost of roof ownership just got easier with the Columbia Roof Advantage.

Wishing you all the best for a prosperous and happy 2012!

President Mark Carpenter


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Winter Preparation

January 9th, 2012

Here in the Northwest we can get some pretty crazy weather and it has been known to catch us all off guard. We wanted to educate you all on ways to help prevent those last minute scares and keep you well prepared for the winter season in the Northwest.  When the snow comes it needs to be cleared out of drainage systems.  When the melt comes in Western Oregon and Washington it is usually brought on by warm rain and quick melting that can be devastating to your property and the contents in your building.

Drainage is the big issue.  The rain drains and gutters need to be clean before the snow comes.  We recommended biannual maintenance. One in the spring when things start to dry out.  This is when the roof can be assessed for possible damage from the previous winter.  You will get plenty of time to fix anything that needs to be done during dry weather.  This time is also spent completing a professionally designed solid roof upgrade, which allows you to get more performance and life for less money out of your roof.

The second time would be in the fall after all of the leaves have fallen to prepare the roof for what is to come. When older built up roofs go through freeze-thaw cycles they can get cracks and splits in them.  Freezing water will open up marginal roof seams at penetrations and in the field that have not leaked before.  Your building and the roof will benefit from a thorough cleaning of the surface and drains.  The roof should be inspected by a professional roofing technician while being cleaned.  The inspection will help head off some of these problems.

Other areas of concern are the gutters and drains.   It is also very important to have gutters clear to avoid overflowing and downspouts from freezing solid.   When your gutters are clogged water will pool causing damage from both the expansion of freezing and from rust.  The service of clearing the drains and downspouts from debris and the debris on the roof that can wash into the drainage systems before the heavy rains and freeze prevents major damage to the property.  It also saves you from needing costly emergency repairs.



Another option to help with winter preparation is to have snow guards installed if you have a metal roof. This helps keep back snow loads from falling on people below.





For flat roofs having deicer put down before a snow or freeze will help keep drains flowing when the snow begins to melt.

When the big snow storms hit it is very difficult to keep up with the accumulation.  There is little to be done until the snow begins to melt.  It is important to get things taken care of before the winter arrives. In the event of a heavy snow, like several years ago, you should have a snow removal plan. Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal has a plan for our service crews.  We set up our service crews every year with chains for their vehicles, snow shovels, deicer and proper fall protection.  They are trained to be safe on the roof and on the ground.  They look for areas of snow deposit off the roof.  They are ready at a moment’s notice. If the snow load on the roof becomes too heavy you could be in for a real problem; some buildings have collapsed under the stress.  Call us if you have any questions, but please think about the weather over the next few months.

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